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PlayStation Nordic - Digital Activation — Umwelt

PlayStation Mini - Christmas Calendar

Digital Activation

Playstation Nordic


The Challenge

During Christmas 2018 PlayStation launched their much anticipated Playstation Mini. We were asked to create an awareness campaign for the Nordic Social Media channels of PlayStation.

PlayStation Nordic has a clear ambition that self-produced content must be authentic and with local touch. The challenge was to be noticed in a month where most brands scream for attention.

The Idea

The new PlayStation Mini comes with 37 legendary classic PlayStation games pre-installed. True PlayStation fans know these characters by heart and recognized them immediately. We wanted to find true PlayStation fans and reward them with a PlayStation Mini.

We asked an illustrator to draw a new character every day at noon using Facebook Live. During this live drawing, the first viewers to recognize the character could answer via email, to prevent people from quickly revealing the character that was being drawn. This way we created and presented the content as a Christmas calendar that revealed a new character every day, and made true fans tune in every day at 12.00

The Result

Over 273828 minutes of Christmas calendar live drawing was seen across Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.
The videos were seen by nearly 1.3 million people in the north, and with more than 3600 comments, 4800 likes and almost 200 shares, the campaign was carried around Facebook.
More than 6.000 people participated via email in the Nordic countries. Benjamin Hald Andreasen, Nordic & Baltic Social Media Manager, has no doubt that the authentic format captured the audience:

"There is no doubt that the strong performance can be directly linked to our fans being passionate about the PlayStation brand and the strong characters developed through our many titles. The Christmas campaign has been a strong example of how to combine a passionate audience with a good authentic creative idea and thereby get strong performance.”