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See The Light

Digital Experience

VELUX Nordic

Angular, WebGL, PixiJS, Video

- Creative Circle Awards 2019, Silver, in the category "Campaigns, Sites & Apps"
- CSS Design Award, Website Of The Day 03.01.19
- The Webby Awards 2019, Nominated, in the category "Lifestyle"

The Challenge

VELUX is the world's largest manufacturer of skylights. Analyzes show that end-users find it hard to imagine the transformation with skylights in a home. Moreover, most are not aware that the light from the skylights is approx. three times stronger than from facade windows. Thus, skylights provide a very powerful and noticeable change in a room

VELUX Denmark's strategy is to convince end-users that VELUX skylights make a big difference in a very ordinary home. VELUX Denmark now wants to increase the focus on a specific type of house, namely the one plan detached house reflecting the 800,000 similar homes in Denmark. Many of these 60's or 70's houses are the subject of a generational shift, as we see many younger families (from about 35 onwards) that moves into this type of houses. When moving most of these families choose to revamp the kitchen, floors, bath and ceiling – maybe even with VELUX skylights.

The goal was to combine branding with tactical messaging - something you are not usually exposed to in marketing due to the conventional tendency that separates the two instead. The outcome should be an experience - a digital experience - that should to awoke or accentuate the consumer’s interest of the brand. The branding is shown in a clear illustration of the difference between a functioning home with and without VELUX roof windows – Where the tactical messaging should appear in displaying products, prices and function etc. In other words: Fewer clicks from branding to product Ultimately, the goal was to increase traffic to, whereby customers are oriented before they proceed in their purchasing process.

The Idea

We developed the interactive solution "See the light” as a part of a larger strategic venture, where you point more targeted towards end-users (BtC), so you try to create a demand and preference for VELUX skylights - so to speak, change it from being a building component to something consumers really want. "See the light” is the main activity in the 4-year marketing strategy aimed at homeowners, which VELUX Denmark started up in early 2018.

Umwelt recommended VELUX to record a movie (or rather two) where you see a house with and without VELUX skylights to illustrate the difference. A relatively simple idea that solves the common problem: "It's hard to imagine how skylights really look in my house". We put the movies together on a site where you can switch between the two films by the touch of a button - and see the difference while moving through the different rooms of the house: entrance, children's room, bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

"See the light” is the main activity in the 4-year marketing strategy aimed at homeowners, which VELUX Denmark started up in early 2018.


Try "See the Light" yourself!


The Result

The traffic to VELUX’s website has grown by approximately 17 percent from 2017 to now. We can also see that ‘See the light’ has been one of the biggest contributors to this increased traffic. A recorded traffic that inter alia left us with an average spend time of 1 minute and 13 seconds on the site – An important and relevant result in relation to our goal of arousing the end-user’s interest of VELUX skylights.