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Windowmaster - A New Creative Approach — Umwelt

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A new approach for WindowMaster

The Challenge
WindowMaster is a company, that makes natural ventilation solutions for the contract market. Their systems consist of motors/actuators, that control the opening and closing of windows, and a central unit, that operates the different windows in a building according to a number of indicators such as temperature, humidity or CO2 levels. The WindowMaster motors (actuators) can be fitted on any window. This enables the window to be opened via a press of a button, app or even via a connected integrated system. This is especially useful for schools, offices and public buildings.
Each year WindowMaster joins the BAU fair in Germany which is aimed at engineers, architects and other professionals that are active in the building and development industries.
To put focus on their actuators, they asked us to help them to produce a video and a visual look to attract potential clients.

The Idea
To attract potential clients, we found inspiration in the way consumer technology is being presented. Rather than using real footage of the actuators or a building where the windows open and close, we chose to tell the story in a 3D universe. By creating a short film made in 3D we could show the technology in a more exciting and abstract way.

The Results
The end product was a movie that attracted a huge amount of new potential clients/leads. We gave the product a more techy and high-end feeling, which aligned well with solutions that the engineers and architects were looking for. Even the competition came and checked it out.